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It will include 4 sections and 10 sections in each section, and then there are total 10 X 4 = 40 questions. The first 2 sections will be in need of social need, the interaction between the 2 Speaker will be and then there will be monologue. There will be different types of questions such as short answer questions, multiple choice questions, sentence completion, charts, table completion, notes, classification, labeling diagram, matching etc.

After listening to the Candidate recording only once, he will have to answer the question he has heard. At the end, 10 minutes are given to the answer sheet in the answer sheet.

Reading: There are 3 passages in it, and these 3 passages will have 40 questions. It has academic reading and general training reading module, and these two are different.

The passage given in Academic Reading will be taken from Magazines, Books, Journals and Newspaper, while General training reading will be given from leaflets, Notices, Manuals, Books and Magazines and Newspapers. Get coaching from our ielts coaching center in Gurgaon to achieve success.

There will be different types of questions, such as short answer questions, multiple choice questions, labeling diagram, notes-charts-table completion, sentence, completion, matching, classification, identification of writer’s views, select phrases for a paragraph. The answer sheet will have to be written within 60 minutes to write the answer, no additional time will be given for the transferring answer in the answering sheet.

Writing: There will be three tasks in it, in Task 1, the candidate has to write at least 150 words, and at least 250 words will be written in Task 2. Here you are suggested to spend 20 minutes in task 1 and spend 40 minutes in task 2. Task 1 will have more marks than Task 2. Academic writing and General training writhing are both different.

Academic writing: In Task 1, the Candidate will be given the figure or some data, the diagram that needs to be described in the language in the language, here's the candidate's present and compare information ability, describing the steps of a process, how and Even event takes place, 1 understanding of the object or event, etc. will be assessed.

In Task 2, the candidate will have to present some points of view, scenario or a problem, arguments, problem solving, presenting the opinion of the opinion, comparison and contrast to evidence and opinion, challenge ideas and evaluate, etc. (250 words). We give coaching at our best ielts coaching in gurgaon.

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